about miriam e.

Miriam Hill is an artist, athlete, accomplished cyclist, outdoor enthusiast, graphic designer, and guardian angel to dogs in need of rescue. A long-time resident of Santa Fe, NM, Miriam grew up in the Midwest (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota) and has traveled and studied abroad. Her passion for art is fueled by a keen and eclectic interest in the connectivity of nature and culture. Miriam has a keen eye for symmetry and scale and that is manifested in her landscapes and still life work. Yet, her sense of humor and bent for mischief also comes through in her whimsical work.

With respect to what enables her to paint, Miriam shares her philosophy. “My personal mission is to find balance. Blending what I love to do, the people I want to be with, the places I want to see, and the things I want to experience is a continual challenge. But I find that the better I blend all that the better I am able to express myself in my paintings. Just like life, art is a journey of learning—from others and from your own mistakes and successes.”

You can find Miriam’s work at Weem's Gallery, Albuquerque, Hutchings Fine Art in Silver City, New Mexico, and miriamhill.blogspot.com.